Redressing the bias

So, my investigation of football social media in Australia continues. In the post below I showed that @abcgradnstand tweeted more about #AFL than #NRL creating a bias in the reporting of football codes in Australia. However, it was suggested to me that ‘may be Australian’s are just more interested in AFL than NRL’. But this sounded like an empirical question to which data could be collected and an answer obtained.

So, I used twitter’s streaming API to collect 300 tweets that included #AFL and 300 tweets that included #NRL on the 16/8/2014 and the results are in:


In fact, more people were tweeting about #NRL than #AFL, showing that rugby is of more interest to Australians than AFL.

But there is another interesting element in the data. When I split the results up by the location of the tweeter it shows that #NRL was tweeted about more than #AFL in both Sydney and Melbourne. So, even in the home of the AFL, people are more interested in rugby.


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