The Finals

Over the next two weeks I’ll be looking at the twitter communities that emerge around the AFL and NRL Grand Finals. The first parse at this is below…a map of the tweets to the hashtag #AFL between 6am and midnight on the day of the AFL Grand Final. I collected around 1500 tweets, 376 of which were retweeted on the day. The map shows a much higher level of network completion than the map generated by the tweets from round 10 (see below). I had thought that the communities detected by the modularity algorithm might split the network into two based on their support for the Hawkes or the Swans. But that clearly hasn’t happened. It seems that sport really is something that unites Australians and we will retweet interesting sports opinions and photos regardless of the team they are associated with.


And here is the word frequency graph. It looks like #gohawks outstripped #goswans considerably. I’m a little disappointed that ‘kiss’ didn’t make it into the most frequently used words!

The use of the #everymoment hashtag by Hawks supporters is particularly interesting. Use of the hashtag has been promoted during the season by the club itself. There is a bit of background and a collection of tweets on the club website. Its likely that in addition to encouraging fans to tweet about their experience, the use of the hashtag also helps distinguish tweets in support of the Hawkes in the AFL from other sports teams called the Hawkes, such as the Seatle Seahawkes (in the NFL) and the Chicago Blackhawkes (in the NHL).


And here is the breakdown for tweets before the game, during each quarter and after the game. Interestingly, the hashtags #gohawkes and #goswans were even in frequency before the game started. But from the first quarter on, #goswans really dropped off the map…








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