The statistics, they are a changin’

So there is little doubt that many fields of science, especially psychology, could benefit from a change in research practices. There is ample evidence of p-hacking and optional stopping in the scientific literature. And many practising scientists have called publicly for a change in the culture of science.

But the retracted papers keep coming. And, even if this doesn’t actually mean that science is broken, it certainly means that the community of scientists hasn’t embraced the utopian new world of robust statistics yet.

So, recently I’ve started thinking that this might not be that surprising. After all, if you really want people to come together and dream of a better future then you probably have to use more than reason and logic.

Luckily, there is a well developed tool for getting people to join hands and walk boldly toward a brighter day. That tool is the guitar, and I used it with a class in Advanced Research Methods at the University of South Australia.

Enjoy, be good to each other, love your data.



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