About Owen Churches


‘Its a trouble free philosophy…’

I like to think that if Timon and Pumbaa had turned their attention to data analytics then this is the blog that would have eventuated.

I am a research fellow in the Brain and Cognition Laboratory at Flinders University  where I investigate the cognitive neuroscience of new forms of social interaction including emoticons and profile pictures. A good list of my publications is here.

I have appeared as a guest on The Health Report with Dr. Norman Swan and on Drive with Waleed Aly. My work has been covered in newspapers and magazines around the world including the Telegraph and the Independent in the UK,  Wired and the Smithsonian Magazine in the US and Le Figaro in France.

Outside the lab I work as part of the CSIRO’s Scientist in Schools program. Here are some pictures from an event I ran at Magill Primary School about brain asymmetry.

I also write articles for The Conversation about the brain and data analysis.

I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge where I worked at the Autism Research Centre.

You can follow me @OwenChurches and @OwenChurches or contact me via Owen.Churches@flinders.edu.au.


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